Coimbatore International Fashion Week

“ Fashion for me is the means to an end”

Sanjana Jon believes in “fashion with a heart”. Her recent show at the Coimbatore Fashion Week (CFW) was about speaking out against female infanticide. A documentary that showed thousands of foetuses floating in a river in Rajasthan left a powerful impact on her, says Sanjana. “Many of my shows are themed on Shakti, the female spirit, to represent woman empowerment.” The New York-based fashion designer is also a fierce animal lover, and lives with 40 stray dogs in her house, who she fondly calls her “babies.” A few minutes into our conversation, she drifts from cocktail gowns to the inhuman approach of those who want to kill the strays. Her other fashion shows have embraced the cause of AIDS Awareness, Cancer Awareness, Anti-terrorism and crusades against cruelty to animals.

“ Fashion for me is the means to an end” Magazine Article shoot
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