Punjab International Fashion Week

“ Punjab fashion week culminates”

The fifth edition of Blenders Pride Punjab International Fashion Week that opened on Friday evening concluded on late Sunday evening. It remained a cynosure for the denizens, as it brought various fashion designers of the country on common platform to unfold their creative work.

We have it all, well almost – cinema, which is graduating from better to the best, food with unmatched taste, which is famous across the globe, flourishing businesses in every district… Punjab has it all. The only thing we are probably trailing in is fashion. Although there is no match to the elegant Patiala salwar kameez, Punjab needs a trendy dope on fashion. And bringing it to the state is the second season of Blenders Pride Punjab International Fashion Week, which is to be held soon. Actor Neeru Bajwa, Arjan Bajwa, brand ambassador for the event, and designer Sanjana Jon talk about Punjab getting fashionable. Source Hindustan Times

(L-R) Sanjana Jon, Neeru Bajwa and Arjan Bajwa

"Fashion for a cause"

If there is someone grabbing more eyeballs at the conference of Punjab International Fashion Week, it is Sanjana Jon. New York-based fashion designer, more in news for her brother Anand Jon being acquitted by court after charges of rape were levelled against him. The designer makes her debut in Punjab with her collection, which is going to be a blend of traditional and contemporary designs. Her participation in this event is associated with a cause – ‘Save girl Child’. “For me it is combining fashion with a cause, and Punjab has a potential for both,” shares Sanjana. The conversation moves towards her brother Anand unassumingly. “I had to go through a lot, but I am trying to fight darkness with whatever means I can. Hopefully, whatever causes I am taking up will be counted as a blessing for him.” There was news of converting Anand’s story into a Bollywood movie. “It would happen, as of now I would want things to be clear. I am hoping that dark nights will soon fade away,” says the designer. Source The Tribune

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